What Should We Be In The Future?

As a teenager, we are all forced to figure out what we want to do in life at a young age. The lucky kids found their interests at the age of 5 and pursued them in life and well the other kids? Well the other kids are forced to do the same thing really but choosing a life time of work in the last year of schooling because they didn’t think to do it earlier. So, we get our pens and paper and we write down a whole lot of occupations that we thought looked the coolest and eeny meeny miny moe’d it the day before university preferences were due. This other kid? This other kid was me.

Open yourself up to as many opportunities as you can and Set a Goal


Growing up my parents always told me “Remy, do what makes you happy. If you are safe and kind, you can do whatever you want” but isn’t there a certain amount of reality needed within your dreams and aspirations? Will my childhood dream financially support me? Growing up I really only had three goals I knew I defiantly wanted out of life:

  • To be independent and live overseas and be bilingual.
  • To continue to peruse music, performing or musical theatre.
  • To incorporate something creative in my life for people such as art, photography, original music or graphic design.

With these three goals in mind I tried creating a future where I can achieve all three (hopefully at the same time) but really, I only had a year to go through all the options. So, at the start of 2017 I wanted to try as much as I could and said yes to every opportunity that came around.

So, I started working for the first time and gained two jobs, one in retail and the other in event designs. I put myself out of my comfort zone so I could really understand what I wanted to do. I did my first corporate gig, I started marketing my music through Youtube, I completed an enhanced Japanese language summer high school program at u

niversity, I travelled to Japan with only four of my friends, started learning two more instruments and so much more. I opened myself to so many things in order to really figure out what I loved doing and what I wanted as a living. Even though there are only days left of 2017, I’m learning new effective ways of studying Japanese, started art and photography and now started a blog.

This is the most beneficial step as you learn so much about yourself and so much about life. Most

students think they know what they enjoy from school and head straight to university wasting $32,000 on University fees on the wrong course. By taking this year no matter what profession I end up doing, each profession takes me on the same path and I did what I wanted to do.


Laying out your future

As this year is coming to a close, trying new things really got me excited for the future. I’ve always been some-what shy with anxiety and always scared of failure which really pulled me back from doing things I wanted to do.

When considering my three goals and the reality of them, I’ve set out a plan for the next 7 years to get me started. 🙂

Next year I’ve decided to go to Japan as a high school exchange student for a year in order to gain confidence, learn Japanese by immersing myself in the country and culture, and really experiencing hands down what living abroad is really like. I’ll then come back to do a four-year Japanese business course at university which will secure me a job in Japan which then I can live abroad. Within these years I’ll continue to perform, I’ll continue to make music, share music, share photos and ideas through blogs and see where it gets me.

Either way I will be I will be pursuing something I love for those years and if I get a job as a musician or a job to do with Japanese, Ill be happy.

That’s what we should be in the future: Happy.


Remy x



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