If You Are Reading This, I Miss You.

Pretty much in every persons life you will have friends and relationships come and go, maybe for the rest of your life or maybe one day you’ll meet them again. The majority view people changing as a bad thing, but realistically it shouldn’t be your choice to make, if people changing was for the better or for worse. Some people might need this change in their life to help them figure out who they are and help them grow. Everyone changes over time in little ways and sometimes that can affect others in bigger ways.
Sometimes I’m not sure how I feel on this topic because even when people say “If people leave your life then you just don’t need each other anymore. You’ve served your purpose in each other’s lives and now its time to move on”, it just still hurts.

I had two friends, the most amazing friends, that one day they just left my life. It just happened so quickly, and now they have lost all contact with me. I don’t even know where to look for them anymore and its been nearly two years. These beautiful girls were my friends for 7-8 years and just one day it stopped. It’s been nearly two years, I still miss them and it still hurts the fact I don’t even know why they left.

I had one friend’s life that I left, and sometimes I’m not even sure why. She was a good friend to me, at times she could be overwhelming, but to me she was a good friend. I even found myself wanting to surprise her with things, come over just to make her day better and even hand making her birthday cakes/food (I never use to cook, it was a rare and special thing). It was more than I did for my other friends. She made me feel wanted and valued as a friend, but one day, it just stopped. That wasn’t her fault and I’m sorry for that. I mean she has changed now and I don’t know if we would still get along anymore, but I do miss her (at least maybe who she use to be), she was a good friend.

Sometimes you just need people that make you feel valued, alive and living. Everyday these girls would make me laugh and take me on an adventure, and thinking back to that, it reminds me that I don’t have that anymore.

I think it’s important to let people grow and change, but I also think that if some people really impact your life positively you should really make the effort to keep them around.

To my two best friends that left me, sometimes I wish I had held on tighter. I think at that time I couldn’t understand why you were doing it, I couldn’t understand it and I felt like thats what you wanted to do. At the time I felt like I would hurt you more trying to hold on instead of just letting you go.
I just wanted to let you know, you both created a huge positive impact on my life and thank you for teaching me about yourself and giving me such joy for 7-8 years.

If you are reading this, I miss you.





One thought on “If You Are Reading This, I Miss You.”

  1. People come and go from your life, but true friends will keep coming back over and over again, despite the different paths you take. Some people come, teach us something (good or bad) and then disappear again, but true friends are the sort you can walk into a room and hug despite the fact that you haven’t seem them in two years. Like love, let it go and if it’s meant to be, it will come back. You are only young and yet have learned so much from these three people. And you are now realising what you have had, what you have lost and what you may have done wrong. But it was right for you at the time.

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