Hey! You Should Go on Exchange and Learn a New Language. You Can Start Right Now!

What is the main reason you should learn a new language?

Why do the majority feel like learning a language is unnecessarily difficult and unnecessary for their future?

The main reason you should learn a new language is to better yourself and everyone around you.
No joke.  I can tell you right now just from my short experience, not only is a new language not as a hard to learn as everyone makes it out to be but learning a new language, exploring a new country and culture through its native language can completely change your life. Its never too late to start and its still just as rewarding!

Heres my experience and why I think you should learn, experience and explore a new language and its culture.

“Its now been over three months since I arrived in Japan and one thing I can definitely say is, this is insanely hard sometimes but also insanely rewarding!

For some reason (as it’s kinda been all my life) I’m seriously shy when it comes to making friends, and although at times it’s been really really lonely, the times I go out of my little comfort zone and use my rough Japanese (which is finally okay enough to help me make friends) I’ve had some really amazing times! Already this experience has made me more confident and exposed me to new things I would of never imagined myself doing! My parents mentioned that you only ever really hear the amazing parts of exchange and not how hard it will actually be. I said (and can tell you is true) as hard, frustrating and overwhelming things can get, the amazing experiences you have will always out weigh them! You forget, because these experiences are a one in a lifetime thing (especially at 17) and those bad times are worth going through for the amount of good you receive!
I have learnt so so much about other people, the world, compassion, gratefulness & even a lot about myself! Even though making friends was always a hard thing, I loved loved loved going to school because I love learning and holy moly has this accelerated my love for learning! Sharing my passion and love for things has helped me make friends and learn so much. I am so happy I made this decision, and I can’t wait to meet loads of different people around the world, learn about them, learn from them and make them happy! Learning a language was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and if you ever wanted to learn a language but “never got around to it” or “don’t have time”, I seriously seriously recommend it, just take maybe 20 minutes out of your day. (There is so many ways to learn on the run too if you’re too busy) but as I say to myself “if I have time to sit down and watch tv, I have time to learn”. There is so so much you don’t know and I don’t know, and learning from completely different people in a completely different lifestyle in their native language, I just can’t tell you how rewarding that is. So many people tell me “you inspire me to go live in a different country and learn their way of life” or “you inspire me to learn a language” and I really hope I do!!!

In this day, we hate and we do so because we don’t understand each other. Be open minded, understand the reason they live the way they do, eat the way they do and love the way they do because everyone was brought up differently, taught different things in a completely different world outside of your house. Communication is key, languages and music is communication. I encourage everyone to learn (even a little bit), so we can understand & learn from others all around the world and teach our ways, our love and hopefully slowly make us, people around us and the world a little bit better everyday. I hope you are inspired to learn and grow as a person, and understand and make some happy today 💜 Filled with gratitude, thank you ✨”

As my Japanese teacher said to me “The great parts that you never forget could only be a small part of the day, but you had to be there for the whole day to appreciate it”.


On this exchange not only have I met so many different and amazing people in Japan but I’ve also met so many people around the world, exploring, learning and doing the same thing as

me! I even met a lovely girl named Vici from Germany whom I’ve learnt so much about her and her country, and I am able to practice German and learn from her. You never know what could come out of such an experience until you jump in a try!
This experience of learning a new language, learning about the world and its people through that language, will definitely change you for the better and you will pass that on to everyone you meet.
I hope one day you learn a new language, explore, learn and really feel the positive impact it has on your life and therefore you will have on the people around you.

Its never too late to learn and love x


Remy x

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