My 18th Birthday.. How far you’ve really come

Today is my 18th birthday, and today I am sitting in a small apartment building, cluttered with personality, in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. A home of two very fat cats, a small dog, lovely mother and daughter, 7,162km (4,450 miles) away from home.
I never would of imagined that on this day I would be in a different country by myself far away from home. In my 18 years I have so so many amazing memories and also so many that I’ve learned from.

I have traveled to so many different countries, I’m living abroad, I’ve met so many different people from all around the world who have shown me so many different prospectives on life. I’ve made life long friends and already life lessons Im grateful to have learnt.
I have personally grown so much. I decided to start sharing my music, writing music, performing and now I’m doing that in Japan? I’ve found ways to help my stress, my anxiety, and how to express myself and use that to help others. I’ve decided to try everything and learn from everything. I started my Youtube, my blog, and trying to express myself creatively.

I have gone from wanting to be a broadway star, singer, actor, veterinarian, paramedic, volcanologist, environmentalist, creator, writer, photographer, Youtuber, artist, blogger, traveller, songwriter, influencer and now I’m living in Japan on my 18th birthday learning four different languages. Frankly, I still don’t know what I’ll be or what I’ll do but I know that what I’ve done so far was right.

I just want to remind you that its okay to occasionally look back, it reminds you how far you’ve really come.
Everything you’ve done you’ve learnt from and that only makes you a better person each day. Sometimes you get caught up on things happening now and you get frustrated with your progress, so its important to take some time and really remind yourself how far you’ve come and be happy with that. Remind yourself, be proud, then continue and move forward.


Mum & Dad, I love you and thank you for helping me be who I am today.


Remy x


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  1. I had forgotten about the volcanologist!!! Dream big baby, live big. If you fail pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again! Life should be exciting, fulfilling and filled with amazing adventures and friends. Do everything you can so you have no regrets. Love you XX

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